Wonderfulness : the quality or state of being vibrantly healthy and feeling fabulous in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate behaviors and practices


Why settle for wellness when you can have wonderfulness?

You also don’t have to settle for feeling less as you age—less energetic, less vibrant, less capable, less powerful, less wonderful.

Are you ready to make aging your ally? Isn’t it time you love the way you look and feel?

You can! Honestly, taking care of yourself does require some effort and time, but it will repay you many times over with a body shape you actually love, more even-keeled moods, and enough energy and motivation to luxuriate in your fabulous life. If it doesn’t, you’re not experiencing wonderfulness.

As a women’s personal trainer and health coach, I work with you to create personalized, effective, and simple Paleo-based habits that counter the effects of aging. Want to whittle your middle? Or build your body’s resilience? How about spending less time exercising while still getting the same effects? You can do that!

I help you elevate your wellness across all 5 Facets--Nourish, Move, Rest, Play, and Connect. Along the way, I give you guidance, support, and accountability--without sacrificing a healthy dose of glamour, pleasure, and fun. That’s a different approach, but you’ve never played by the rules, have you? Wonderfulness doesn’t, either.


Aren't you ready to age the wonderfulness way?

Marci offered an intuitive, uncomplicated approach. I was free from the daily torment and judgment of the numbers - instead I was noticeably thinner, had more energy, healthier eating habits that were fun to do - and I began to lose some of my erstwhile cravings...
— Elissa K.

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