About Me

  • Primal Health Coach  
  • NESTA Personal Trainer

  • YMCA Group Exercise Instructor

  • American College of Sports Medicine member

  • Trained in Pilates and yoga

  • Dance background

  • Ongoing education with seminars, conferences, workshops, and books 

In 2005 I started my personal training business, Form + Function Fitness. My motto was "Look and feel good in your skin."  From my San Francisco living room, I helped women get in shape without a gym, an excess of equipment, or a lot of time. 

While my clients grew stronger and improved their flexibility,balance, and posture, they often still struggled with losing uncomfortable body fat and craving more energy. They were stressed out, tired, and wondering where the fun and pleasure in life went.

I didn't feel like exercise alone was helping them fulfill my business motto. 

Meanwhile I was struggling, too. I grew up with extremely severe allergies and asthma. The medication I took to manage it led to gut sensitivities that continued to plague me for years. During my twenties and thirties I suffered from blood sugar problems and hormonal issues. Feeling physically awful drained my energy and led to bouts of apathy and depression. I needed a new way of looking at wellness as much as my clients did.

I read everything I could about health, nutrition, and fitness. I attended seminars, watched countless summits, and talked to wellness providers both in the mainstream and alternative fields. Because of what I learned, I scaled back to working out 10 minutes a day, replaced my cardio with walks around San Francisco, and ate a Paleo-centric diet. My health problems improved, my depression lifted, and my energy rebounded.  I was so fascinated by these results that I got certified as a health coach.

This was what I had been looking for.

Call me greedy, but I wanted even more for myself and for my clients. Wellness was great, but I craved wonderfulness. I delved into other practices, such as mindfulness, gratitude lists, and the power of compassion. I threw out my toxic beauty products, soaked in epsom salt baths, and added targeted supplements to my regimen. Most importantly, I finally began dealing with the core limiting beliefs that had held me back for so long.

You know when you discover something fabulous and you’re bursting with the desire to tell everyone about it? That’s exactly what I began doing with my clients, friends, and family. As I shared with them the practices I developed in The 5 Facets--Nourish, Move, Play, Rest, and Connect--they began feeling so much better, too.

In 2019 I'll turn 50 and I can honestly say I've never felt better. I look forward to the changes that I'll continue to make, as well as how my experiences can help other women.

This is what I want to share with you.