A Simple Tip for Well-Being: Throw Out Your Scale!


Do you want to feel instantly better about yourself?

Think it would be nice to have a little extra space in your bathroom?

Ready to free up your mind for weightier concerns?


Throw out your scale!!!


I mean it. Ditch it. You don’t need it. Seriously.

I get an immense amount of resistance when I suggest this. Are you thinking any of these unhelpful thoughts?


How will I know if I’m losing (or gaining) weight? 

I guarantee that you will know if you’re growing bigger or smaller over time. The scale can lie about that, but consistently being unable to zip up your skirt won’t.


I don’t care about the number as much as which way it’s trending…  

That’s smarter, but still–if you want to lose weight, noticing that your clothing is growing looser over time is more reliable.


What do you have against scales?  

It’s nothing personal. I actually love them for baking and they’re helpful to figure out postage for a package. But bathroom scales are another matter. First, they’re not accurate. Second, they don’t take into account water weight fluctuation or muscle mass. And third, they can boost or decimate your self-esteem in a second by just displaying an arbitrary number.


But my doctor says I need to be a certain weight!  

And has stepping on the scale every morning ever helped you achieve that?


So I should just ignore my weight?  


Sorry, that last answer was flippant and incomplete.

You're not ignoring your weight by ditching your scale. You’re going to notice how your body feels. You’re going to feel how your clothes fit. You’re going to see what your body looks like in the mirror.

You just won’t know the number that corresponds with any of that. And that’s okay. Because you never knew the number, anyway. Your scale would read one number, while your doctor’s scale would read another. Actually, if you moved your scale across the room and tried it again, there would probably be a different reading. Nothing to be pleased or get upset about–and yet you do.

Instead, develop the Wonderfulness lifestyle habits that lead to your body’s natural shape. This will be the size you can maintain with very little effort and a whole lot of pleasure.


If you’re confused about how, I’m here for you! And I want to know: 

Are you up willing to throw out your scale?

Wishing you wonderfulness!