5 Easy Ways You Can Elevate Your Health


What is it NOW?

What’s the latest superfood, supplement, skincare product, mindfulness app, exercise gadget. etc., etc.?

Whatever it is, you can bet that it will saturate the market. You’ll see it EVERYWHERE.

It’s hard not to be swayed. Against your better judgment you find yourself wondering: Could it really be worth all the hype?

In the cool rational light of day, you know that there are no magic bullets. No one thing will change everything. Also no one thing works for everyone. But how do you feel during the desperate dark hours when you’re convinced you’re a hideous, horrible slob? Marketing creates that place and it’s also where it lurks to grab you.

Stick with the fundamentals

A simple and effective way to elevate your health, sans craziness, is to look at the 5 Facets—Nourish, Move, Rest, Play, and Connect.

Look at the box above. I’ve distilled ALL of the health advice down to five easy basics based on the 5 Facets. If you can do all of these, you’re on your way to wonderfulness—no magical elixirs, punishing workouts, or fad diets necessary!

What about those last two?

The first three are no-nonsense, super-clear, right?

But what about Enjoy yourself? That’s more vague. And it seems like I’m saying that you should give in to hedonistic pleasure.

Well, I’m not saying I’m not saying that.

The thing is we’ve reduced most of our pleasures to one thing—food. And that’s sad. Please enjoy your food! But, PLEASE, enjoy other things, too.

As for Connecting to helpful thoughts, consider the alternative. Unhelpful thoughts may come from your inner critic or from your neglected child within who simply WON’T be deprived. They could be hurtful things you’ve been called or the way society tries to put you in an easily-definable box.

Go ahead and recognize the unhelpful thoughts. You can even thank them for trying to keep you safe (which is usually at the core of their agenda). But please don’t hang around with them. They chase away the fabulous thoughts you deserve to gather about you.

I create these blog posts so you can learn the most effective, simple, and efficient Paleo-based practices that counter the effects of aging.  You deserve to love the way you look and feel throughout your entire wonderful life. But sometimes knowledge isn’t enough. If you need help figuring out how to actually incorporate these practices into your life, please reach out!.

Wishing you wonderfulness!