6 Ways to Practice Good Posture So You Feel Absolutely Wonderful


Having good posture isn’t just about standing tall. You also need to align your body properly in whatever position you find yourself in—including as you move about.

The better your posture is—and the more time you spend in it through a wide range of activities—the less time you’ll spend dealing with dysfunction, discomfort, and pain. As another bonus, you’ll look and feel more confident, calm, and energized.

Yes, that did say look and feel.

It’s easy to see that your posture can be a result of your energy—when you’re tired, you may slump.

You can also see it as a reflection of your emotional state—when you’re feeling threatened or defensive, you may cross your arms over you chest.

But your posture affects the way you feel, too.

Here’s one example: Spending time hunched over can lead to a feeling of anxiety and irritation. Why?

This C-curve position compresses your diaphragm which causes shallow breathing. Shallow breathing is a sign of the fight-or-flight response. Though you’re not in any danger while sitting slumped over at your desk (at least I hope not), your body gets the signal, anyway, and the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, are released.

You wonder why your’e so tense when all you’ve been doing is sitting at your computer. Now you know.

Luckily, you can shift the response by changing your posture. Take a deep breath and notice how you automatically sit up straight and roll your shoulders back. Ahhhh…..


6 ways to practice good posture so you feel absolutely wonderful

  1. Regardless of what position you’re in, remind yourself to have a neutral spine

  2. Follow Diana Vreeland’s advice: Don’t lie down when you can sit. Don’t sit when you can stand. Don’t stand when you can move!

  3. For every 30 minutes you do spend sitting, move and loosen up for at least one minute

  4. Start your day with some movement—I love Morning Moves followed by some stretching

  5. Get regular bodywork. If you can’t see a massage therapist, cajole a loved one, use a roller, lacrosse balls, your own hands, etc.

  6. This one is especially helpful! Remember the 6 foundational postures from last week? Spend time in them, moving around if possible—especially the ones that are difficult for you

That’s it for the blog series on posture. Hope you’re feeling like a glamazon already! (But if you’re not, keep practicing and give it time…)

Wishing you wonderfulness!