Want to Boost Your Body? Don't Believe These 3 "Common Knowledge" Myths


This is how I look when I hear all of the health and fitness myths—especially when they’re being repeated by my clients.

I kind of get it. They're so entrenched in our culture, you can’t escape their influence. But if you wonder why you’re doing everything “right,” yet you still can’t fit into your favorite dress or need gallons of coffee to make it through the day, do yourself a favor and see this common knowledge for what it is: Just. Plain. Wrong.

Are you ready to open your eyes and your mind to the simple, effective ways that help you love how you look and feel? This week—and for the next two—you’ll learn the top wellness myths and the truths for you to thrive by.

Myth #1: Exercise is the best way to get slimmer

You can't exercise your way out of a poor diet. It takes no time at all to eat a lot of energy, but it takes a long time and lots of effort to burn it off. 

While you’re trying you're releasing cortisol to deal with the physical stress of exercise. That particular hormone signals your body to store your energy as fat around your middle. Since that absolutely defeats the reason why you're spending an hour on the treadmill, why not put your efforts where they'll actually be rewarded? (That would be the Nourish Facet.)

Myth #2: Okay then--count your calories to get slimmer

What your body wants from food is energy and then it uses that energy or stores it as fat. This depends on your insulin levels, which are affected by your macronutrients, not your calories. Beyond that, what you eat actually changes the expression of your genes.

While there’s basically the same amount of calories in a plate of butter-basted salmon with broccoli or a half-cup of chocolate-chip peanut butter ice cream, the first boosts your vitality immediately and in the long run. The latter does the opposite.

If you want to learn more about this topic, click here.

Myth #3: Weigh yourself daily

Do you like to have an arbitrary number affect your mood all day? You can tell yourself that it won't--but who are you kidding? 

The number of pounds you weigh doesn't tell you anything significant. It doesn't tell you how healthy you are. It doesn't tell you how much body fat versus lean muscle mass you have. It doesn't tell you if you're looking fabulous. It doesn't even tell you if your favorite dress is going to zip up because, you know, water weight.

Scales don’t spark joy. Throw yours out. Need more convincing? You can read more arguments here.

Look for the next 3 big health myths next week! Can you guess what they are?

I create these blog posts so you can learn the most effective, simple, and efficient Paleo-based practices that counter the effects of aging.  You deserve to love the way you look and feel throughout your entire wonderful life. But sometimes knowledge isn’t enough. If you need help figuring out how to actually incorporate these practices into your life, please reach out!

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