More Wellness Myth-Busting: Here's 3 More to Quit Believing...


Oh, please, please tell me you still don’t believe these next three myths. They’re pervasive suckers, though, so now is your time to purge them from your life if they’re lurking around.

(If you missed the first 3 health myths about using exercise, counting calories, and daily weigh-ins to slim down, you can find it here.)

Myth #4: There is a perfect diet, workout, amount of sleep you should get, etc.

No one thing will change everything. Also no one thing will work for everyone.

Besides, those are details and you don't need to worry about them until you've got the bigger picture in place. The Wonderfulness Program addresses this by helping you elevate each of The 5 Facets--Nourish, Move, Rest, Play (or Pleasure), and Connect. You can read some very basic ways to do this here.

Myth #5: Fat is fattening--and bad for you, too

This one just won't die. Even though the research that led to the low- and non-fat craze has been shot down--and the tide is slowly turning--the media still regularly associates eating fat with being unhealthy.

You need fat for energy and to help your body use many of the nutrients in your food. For a deeper dive into this (and what fats you should avoid), read this.

Myth #6: Fasting is dangerous

How did we become so removed from the natural rhythms and cycles of nature, which we are a part of, that the idea of going without food for 12-16 hours is scary?

It's actually the opposite of dangerous when it comes to health benefits--it's very good for you! Digestion takes a lot of energy. By giving yourself periodic breaks from that process, your body can deal with healing and rebuilding and creating vitality.

To learn more about it (and some times when it's not a good idea), read more here.

Look for the last 3 big health myths next week!

I create these blog posts so you can learn the most effective, simple, and efficient Paleo-based practices that counter the effects of aging.  You deserve to love the way you look and feel throughout your entire wonderful life. But sometimes knowledge isn’t enough. If you need help figuring out how to actually incorporate these practices into your life, please reach out!

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