When Health + Wellness Feel Like Work, Go for Wonderfulness (and 3 ways to practice it)

the quality or state of being vibrantly healthy and feeling marvelous in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate behaviors and practices

You won’t find the above definition for wonderfulness in any dictionary. I tweaked it so that you’ll know exactly what I mean when I use it and why I named my program after it. I wish wonderfulness for you—and for myself, too.

How wonderfulness is different than health and wellness

Health and wellness have become huge industries. While that doesn’t make them evil, it does mean that there are now an overwhelming amount of tasks, hacks, gadgets, and must-do’s associated with them.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to both look and feel good in your body but when you wonder if you actually have the time and energy to make it happen, something’s amiss. Do you really want to spend every free minute of your day trying to boost your health?

That’s the opposite of wonderfulness.

In fact, suffering for wellness doesn’t ultimately work. Think about extreme dieting: You may get results but at what expense? What will the repercussions be? And how long will your new shape last?

Wonderfulness is about enjoying your health, your body, and your life. Adopting this mindset means accepting that you don’t need to suffer to boost your vitality. Not enjoying what you’re doing is just a drain on your precious energy and willpower. When you’re deliberate about choosing the behaviors and practices that are the most effective and pleasant for you, you’ll get faster and more lasting results.


3 Wonderfulness practices

Nourish yourself

Don’t worry about calorie counts, the number on the scale, your waist measurement, or weighing your food.

Focus on eating real, delicious food that makes you feel fantastic. You’ll know you got it right when you regularly feel invigorated after your meals and you don’t need to eat again for hours. Trust me when I say, your sweet and starch cravings will dissipate, too.

Move your body

Don’t worry about about your target heart range, being in the fat-burning zone, workout duration, amount of repetitions, or specific exercises.

Focus on staying active in ways that energize you. This doesn’t even need to be a “workout.” Stand and walk during your day. Lift something heavy. Stretch your body in all directions. While it’s good to be sleepy at the end of your day, you don’t want to feel wiped out.

Choose happiness now

Don’t worry about waiting until you’ve lost fifteen pounds or gained fifteen thousand in your bank account. Forget about what happened yesterday or what’s about to happen tomorrow. Your circumstances don’t have to change—but your thoughts about them do.

Focus on accepting where you’re at right now–and it’s always right now. This sounds simple but it isn’t. The wonderful thing is that it does grow easier with time and experience, and you will have many, many opportunities to practice this.

Of course, there are other ways you can experience wonderfulness, too. Reach out if you want to talk to me about it!

Wishing you wonderfulness!