Food is Information--and Your Body is Listening


You know that meme that goes around every swimsuit season about how to instantly get a bikini body?

Take your body and put a bikini on it. Voila!

This post could be like that. I could tell you to absolutely savor whatever you want, then walk away and forget about the consequences. Voila!

I agree with that instant bikini-body meme—I truly believe that anyone, anyone, can wear a bikini if they want to. If other people have a problem with it, they can choose to look at the water, someone else in a bikini, their own toenails, whatever.

That doesn’t really work with the “eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and forget it” idea, though. There are consequences . And those consequences go beyond how food can alter your body shape, whether it’s bikini-ed or not.

If you want to look and feel good in your skin—and why wouldn’t you?—you need to pay attention to what you eat. You know that food is fuel for your body. But you may overlook that it’s also information. What that means is that what you eat has the power to change the expression of your DNA. In other words, you’re telling your body a story with your food that it then turns into reality. This narrative helps shape everything you become.

How to tell your body a wonderful(ness) story

By getting rid of toxic fats and reducing the amount of sugar and carbohydrate you consume, you eventually won’t have cravings for sweets and processed foods any more. As you continue to eat healthy, nutritious food, your taste buds will transform and you won’t even like the junk you once were smitten with. It takes time but it’s worth it. You’re worth it. It’s time to change your body’s narrative.

Here’s a summary:

Eat real food that’s been minimally processed

Eat good-quality fats and protein

Eat organic produce—and lots of it

Avoid industrial oils (aka “vegetable” oils): canola, corn, cottonseed, safflower, sunflower, soybean, and grapeseed

Expected story outcomes

Here’s your body’s version of “…and they lived happily ever after.”

You realize you no longer spend time obsessing over snacks and treats.

You enjoy the occasional sweet without it triggering any binges—actually, you could take it or leave it

You don’t get hangry anymore

Your clothes fit easily with no effort put into “watching your weight” (in fact, your waistbands feel roomy)

You don’t catch every cold that goes around—and your allergies have improved, too

Your skin has become more clear and glow-y

I create these blog posts so you can learn the most effective, simple, and efficient Paleo-based practices that counter the effects of aging. You deserve to love the way you look and feel throughout your entire wonderful life. But sometimes knowledge isn’t enough. If you need help figuring out how to actually incorporate these practices into your life, please reach out!

Wishing you wonderfulness!