Forget Magic Bullets: Here’s a Real + Effective Way to Boost Your Health


You’re not even seeking it out, but you come across an article about the next superfood, supplement, skincare product, mindfulness app, or exercise gadget. Within a month, you’ve seen it featured everywhere. Stars are attributing their body transformations or dewy glow to it. The latest articles are growing more insistent that this is what you need to change everything.

It’s hard not to be swayed. Against your better judgment you find yourself wondering: Could it really be worth all the hype?

In the cool rational light of day, you know that there are no magic bullets. No one thing will change everything. Also no one thing will work for everyone. But how do you feel during the desperate dark hours? This is New Year’s Resolutions season, after all.

Start with the basics

Don’t worry about the latest fitness fad or choosing the perfect adaptogen for your morning smoothie until you have the basics covered. An easy way to check this out is to look at the 5 Facets—Nourish, Move, Rest, Play, and Connect.

Are you eating plenty of organic vegetables, pastured meats, wild-caught fish, and high-quality fats? Do you walk daily? How are you sleeping? Is stress a problem for you? And here’s a biggie—are you enjoying your life?

Add extras based on pleasure

There’s nothing wrong with trying something different or shaking up your routine…once you have the basics in place. But don’t experiment with something new because you’re desperate for it to solve a problem. Rather, ask yourself: Does this sound like something I’d enjoy? Will this make my life more fun or pleasurable?

Wellness doesn’t need to be a chore. Think of it as wonderfulness instead. You’re doing these things so that you’ll have the strength, energy, and resilience to fully experience your life and all it offers you. There’s no point in being miserable in the process—in fact, that defeats the purpose of wonderfulness.

Speaking of that: Wishing you wonderfulness in 2019!