Want to Burn Body Fat While You Sleep? Now THAT'S a Real Super Power


If you feel like there are certain squishy areas on your body that you’d rather have firm, you most likely schedule exercise into your life. You decide to go for a jog regularly or take a weekly cardio class. You might even get into building muscle, because you’re savvy enough to know that lean muscle mass raises your metabolism. Whatever it is you choose to do, you know that being active is key.

Well, guess what? You are missing a major opportunity—and it won’t take a single minute more out of your already-packed day.

Call it a super power or think of it as the ultimate way to multi-task, but it IS possible to burn your body fat while you sleep.

Your body is actually very active while you sleep, though not in a way that you can see. For the eight hours or so you’re unconscious in bed, your body searches for dead and damaged cells to recycle. Yes, it’s garbage night, every night, and this is wonderful for your mind/body. Without this process, known as autophagy, all of the junk in your system would pile up, leaving no space or energy for new growth.

By the way, autophagy takes a lot of energy. And where does it get this? From your glycogen and fat stores.

Your glycogen stores (think: sugar) is burned through quickly. If your body is relying on this for energy and you run out, your sleep quality may suffer. If your body knows how to burn fat, though, not only will you be able to sleep soundly through the night, but you’ll burn your body’s stores of fat in the process.

Of course you’re not going to wake up looking like a different person. Your thighs won’t be newly svelte or anything as dramatic as that. This is a process. But it’s one that, over time, can have a big impact.

So how do you develop this multitasking super power? The most effective way is to develop metabolic flexibility (meaning your body can burn both glycogen and fat for fuel) and the best way to do this is to focus on what you eat, particularly by kicking sugar and high-carb foods to the curb.

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