Can You Learn to Love the Plateau?


This has happened to you, right?

You’ve committed to [whittling your middle, developing stronger muscles, increasing your stamina, etc.]. You have a plan. You have a coach to help you along (hopefully!). You’ve got this!

And things are progressing, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly. It feels fabulous. You can so clearly picture your goal, you feel like you can simply extend your hand and grab it.

But then you stall. All progress stops. Your dream is still there, tantalizingly so, but it feels just out of reach.

This is when you freak out. What are you doing wrong? Or what aren’t you doing right? WTF?!?

Calm down, darling—you are exactly where you need to be.

Hitting the plateau is a necessary step along your path towards your goal, no matter what it is. Think of it a well-deserved rest spot. Take advantage of it. This flat area of no movement is now your baseline level. If you don’t spend time there and truly embrace it, you’re likely to slip back into old patterns.

You have changed since you made your commitment and started working towards it. Your life has changed, too. The plateau is where you experience this. Sit for a bit. Look around. You can see where you started, as well as where you’re heading. Welcome to your new normal. Now really experience it

It doesn’t matter how long you stay on the plateau. Keep practicing whatever you’ve committed to on this safe, solid, level ground. When the time’s right, you’ll start moving again…

I create these blog posts so you can learn the most effective, simple, and efficient Paleo-based practices that counter the effects of aging.  You deserve to love the way you look and feel throughout your entire wonderful life. But sometimes knowledge isn’t enough. If you need help figuring out how to actually incorporate these practices into your life, please reach out!

Wishing you wonderfulness!