The Other Side of Elevating Your Health + Wellness: Avoid the Junk


Elevating your 5 Facets leads to wonderfulness, but it isn’t the whole picture. The other part of the puzzle is avoiding junk. Combining these two habits propels you forward.

When you read avoid the junk, your mind probably goes to junk food–overly processed, packaged, fast food. And you’d be right. If you honestly did just that one thing, you’d be feeling wonderfulness in no time.

But why stop there? Let’s take a spin through each of The 5 Facets to see how this habit plays out.


Nourish Facet

Avoid industrial seed oils, aka vegetable oils (how’s that for a health halo?). These are made from soybean, corn, safflower, cotton, sunflower, and canola seeds. Yes, even canola. In order to get the oils out, these seeds are treated to high heat and/or chemical solvents (usually hexane), damaging them in the process. This damage is toxic to your body with serious health consequences.

Read labels and purge these oils from your pantry.


Move Facet

Avoid junk posture, by which I mean, the posture that draws you out of alignment. Still confused? Look around at most people and witness the slumped spines and hunched shoulders. Unfortunately this posture is  the new normal. Slumping and hunching is bad for all of the load-bearing joints of your body, leaving them vulnerable to wear-and-tear as they limit your healthy range-of-motion. This posture also lessens your lung’s oxygen capacity, compromising your innate energy and body’s detoxification systems.

Set timers to remind yourself throughout the day to check your posture. 


Rest Facet

Avoid junk light at night. Any light at night can disrupt our circadian rhythms, but compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs have even more of a negative impact. Though they might appear white, they’re actually in the blue spectrum–you can see this from the glow of your TV or computer screen. Not only is this bad for your eyes, but it suppresses melatonin in our bodies which can affect our sleep, mood, immune function, and even the development of cancer cells.

Minimize any light at night and don’t look at screens or devices close to bedtime.


Play Facet

Avoid junk television–and no, I don’t mean you have to give up your binge-worthy shows. Rather, be conscious of how much time you’re spending watching screens of other people doing things and ask yourself why you’re doing so. If a show brings you joy, you have my blessing to binge (I’m looking forward to the next Rupaul’s Drag Race Allstars). But if you’re just trying to fill time or avoid doing or feeling something in your real life, then consider that screen time junk and drop it.

Don’t use television (and other screens) to fill up time or to distract you. See what happens when you turn them off.


Connect Facet

Avoid junk social media that creates FOMO and faux connections. We have evolved over thousands of years to be social creatures, but checking Facebook updates and drooling over well-curated Instagram lifestyle pics is not the real thing we crave. While spending time with a friend is wonderful for our health and happiness. spending hours on social media has been shown to lead to anxiety and depression. You don’t have to give up your accounts, but much like with television watching, bring an awareness to what you’re looking at and why.

Pick your favorite social media sites to spend a limited amount of time on, then make IRL plans with someone you enjoy.


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Wishing you wonderfulness!