Why NOT Doing This is Key to Becoming a Natural Fat-Burner


Last week you learned how you might be missing out on a secret super power. By changing up your diet you can regain the metabolic flexibility to become a fat-burner—and this can happen even while you're sleeping.

What if I told you there’s yet another practice that develops this super power? (No, I’m not talking about exercise.)

Not only will this practice also not take any more time out of your busy day, it will also save you money.

Here’s a clue: Sometimes it isn’t what you do do, but what you don’t do, that has the desired effect.

(Have you figured it out yet?)

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a trendy way of saying that you regularly experience periods when you don’t eat. How simple is that? Don’t let the many books, blog posts, and even TEDTalks on the subject confuse you. You are made to fast and there are easy and effective ways to go about it. Intermittent fasting should NOT be torture.

Why your body loves fasting

(For a comprehensive list of intermittent fasting benefits and the research behind it, check out this post from Chris Kresser.)

Helps your body burn fat—including your own stores of body fat—instead of sugar

Lowers insulin and improves sensitivity

Increases your cells’ resiliency and health

Improves your circadian rhythm

Why you’ll love fasting

Your cravings will lighten up

Fasting helps your body regain its metabolic flexibility so it can easily burn fat for energy, which means your urgent cravings for sugar and high-carb food will dissipate. Over time, they’ll even disappear…

No more energy crashes

As fasting helps your body use fat for energy, you can finally get off the sugar-burning roller coaster—you know the one where you eat a cookie, feel energized and happy for about a half-hour, then soon experience your energy and mood drop.

Almost effortless body fat loss

Another by-product of a flexible metabolism is blood sugar stabilization. When you optimize your insulin levels and go without food long enough, your body will naturally use your own stores of fat for energy.

Slow down the effects of aging

Fasting has been shown to optimize your hormones, too—which is especially helpful if you’re perimenopausal and beyond. Most women notice their skin looking softer and/or brighter, feeling more lithe and limber, and even faster hair and nail growth.

Deeper sleep

If you can only burn sugar for energy, sleep forces your body to go a long time without a refill. The resulting insulin drop can lead to restless sleep—or even waking up and snacking. But if your body can burn fat for energy, you can keep right on snoozing.

It saves you time and money

When you’re forgoing snacks, you need to do less shopping and planning. Less shopping = more money to spend on other things (like a non-food pleasure for yourself!).

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Wishing you wonderfulness!