Why You Need The Wonderfulness Program Fundamentals


Have you ever spent time styling your hair, painting your face to perfection, putting on a cascade of your favorite accessories, and finishing with a spray of delicious perfume…only to walk out your door before realizing you forgot to put on your little black dress?

Of course you haven’t. It would be absolutely ridiculous. (If nothing else, it would be cold.)

Yet when it comes to your health and wellness, I have to tell you this–you’re naked. Feel that draft? You’ve overlooked the basics, in favor of the flashy accessories.

You can try to figure out what combo of supplements will lift you out of your midday slump. You can use an app to find out if you’re eating the right amount of carbs for your ideal weight. You can work on your core for at least ten minutes daily to try to flatten your abs. You can wake up an hour early to fit in an intense gym session. You can easily stress about how stressed you are. You can even try to remember the last time you did something just for pleasure–wait, there’s the dark chocolate you eat most afternoons (and sometimes in the evening, too). Chocolate’s a superfood, right?

All of those efforts may help in fits and starts. Yet like going out without your clothes, the effect may be stunning for a moment, but it is not sustainable. You won’t get the results you’re looking for.

Another way of saying all of this:


Focus on the big picture before finessing the details.


My upcoming 30-day email program, The Wonderfulness Program Fundamentals, was created to be your little black dress. It’s the foundation that’s missing from your disparate wellness attempts. It’s the big picture way of finally looking and feeling good in your skin.

The Wonderfulness Program Fundamentals walks you through 30 days of simple action steps. Once these are in place, you’ll have a firm foundation of wellness that you can rely on and return to. Without these in place, you’ll keep wondering why your good intentions aren’t getting you very far.

Imagine eating foods that fuel your vibrancy while you no longer crave the stuff that leaves you feeling less-than-fabulous. Picture how your body will feel once you move regularly and with ease. Think about how you’ll smoothly manage life’s surprises when you regularly get enough quality sleep. Know that all of these practices–and more–have a synergy that boosts their effectiveness for your health and your effectiveness in achieving it.

You’ll also be encouraged to add glamour, pleasure, and fun throughout The Wonderfulness Program Fundamentals. There’s no reason why your little black dress can’t be stunning on its own, right?


Check out The Wonderfulness Program Fundamentals on my Services page. If you decide that you need a more personalized approach, reach out to discuss setting up some personal health coaching sessions with me--I'd love to hear from you. 


Wishing you wonderfulness!