Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be vegetarian (or low-carb, Paleo, etc.)?

No. You need to be open to experimenting with what helps you feel best, but you don't need to eat in a prescribed way.

How much time will I need to spend daily on this?

This depends on what your life right now is like and what your goals are for the future. If you can devote an hour daily to practicing some new health habits, you'll definitely see a positive shift. 

How long will I need to do this?

Most women need at least a few months to discover what works with them and feel that it's become routine enough to easily follow. Some need less time than that. Others continue on for the support and to finesse the details.

Will I need to join a gym--or buy a lot of exercise equipment?

No and no! You'll effectively learn how to develop strength, flexibility, and stamina just using your own body, a yoga mat's worth of space, and a short amount of time.

I've failed over and over again at making health changes, so why should this time be different?

You'll learn the fundamentals of building radiant vitality and how to customize these basics to fit into your life and fuel your commitment to your own self-care. This is an adventure where finding your ideal path is as important and pleasurable as the destination, so there really is no way for you to fail.